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Simran R Nanda
VintageBorn into an illustrious textile family, Mrs. Nanda has design in her blood. After graduating from London with a degree in business and finance, Mrs. Nanda joined the Heritage team and together with her husband, Mr. Rajneesh Nanda, created their international brand, Vintage Shades. The two combined their passion for fashion with their strong spiritual faith to create a brand that would speak to their community, and in fact the world, on an environmental and spiritual level.

"My aesthetic is very simple," says Mrs. Nanda, "I believe in using the very best materials in a natural way. Simplicity and quality together equal elegance."

Bringing her unique sense of minimalist style, and her dedication to the natural use of the finest materials, Mrs. Nanda is the creative force behind the Vintage Shades team. Her artistic vision and innovative flare are inspired by her surroundings and her spirituality.

"I believe that fashion isn’t simply about satisfying the visual sense. Every sense should be catered to. Lavish, extravagant products allow you to be enveloped. We strive to wrap our clients in luxury… we wish to give them a transcendent experience each and every time they wear our product."

Her dedication to the evolution of fashion has been a lifelong passion, and she dedicates herself to creating, "extraordinary wearable art".
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