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Silk Scarves India - Silk, Cotton, Linen, Cashmere fabrics
Vintage Shades is an enchanting tale of romance with the world's rarest, most luxurious fibre and fabric… Cashmere. An heirloom classic much desired, romanced and passed on by kings and nobility since early Roman times. Now revived in its purest form by Vintage Shades.

Cashmere so soft, delicate, warm and rare, it is almost six times as fine as that of human hair and the most warmest fibres in the world.

If you are a connoisseur of this most Divine fabric, you would know that Cashmere is culled from the neck and underbelly of the Himalayan wild goat Capra Hircus, mostly found on the high, almost inaccessible plateaux of Tibet and Central Asia.

Cashmere at Vintage Shades is woven and crafted using the finest fibers creating the finest, truest Cashmere that gets softer, more desirable with each passing year.
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