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Vintage Shades is dedicated to preserve and celebrate the beauty, tradition and romance of the truest Cashmere.

Vintage Shades is a select, leading fashion and accessories brand. We offer an exclusive range of Luxurious Scarves, Shawls, Knitwear and Home Accessories.

At Vintage Shades, age old weaving and precision techniques are revived to craft each one of the Cashmere creations, from fibre to fabric. So they stay as pure, soft and luxurious as nature intended.

Yet, what makes Vintage Shades a rave in the international market is its spectacular interpretation of the rare fabric in styles, shades and designs that never fail to flatter the new age trends and sensibilities.

Try on our most luxuriant range of Lifestyle Accessories in cashmere, silk, linen, cotton, various other natural fabrics and their fascinating blends that boast a traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary design.

Experience rare love for a creation that is rarer still.
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